A Lebanese Banquet to Impress

This menu is all about creating the prefect 'Lebanese Banquet' for a dinner party to impress family and friends, with the focus on allowing you to be the host and not the cook.

On The Menu

Samke Hara - baked fish topped with a walnut and herb mix

Djaj ma Rouz - the famous Lebanese chicken risotto decorated with almonds and cinnamon

Halloumi and Pomegranate Salad

Baba Ghanouj - smoked eggplant dip

Dessert - Heam’s Ismailieh - Lebanese Panna Cotta topped with crispy shredded pastry and pistachios

Date: Saturday 21st May 11am to 2pm

Samke Hara

Smoking eggplants for the Baba Ghanouj

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