"My Lebanese Kitchen" is celebrating its first '100 Likes' on Facebook

Today “My Lebanese Kitchen” reached ‘100 Likes’ on Facebook and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who liked My Lebanese Kitchens page.

I am new to social media and it’s very long and wide global arms. I still have a long way to go in understanding the basics, let alone blogs and articles. At the beginning, trying to become familiar with and service three social media forums was so daunting, at times overwhelming.

So I took a step back, deciding to work on one forum at a time starting with Facebook, and then progressing to Instagram, followed by setting up My Lebanese Kitchens Blog. Each day it gets easier and more enjoyable.

Also in my quest to understand social media, I read two excellent books on social media and its benefits, and found them to be helpful. Both were given to me by my good friend Victoria Rose. They are:

  • “Friends with Benefits” by Kylie Bartlett; and

  • “How to Make Money with Social Media” by Jamie Turner and Reshma Shad.

In Turner and Shad’s book the comment that turned the light on for me was when they likened social media to:

“…using social media is similar to using a telephone, not a megaphone. And telephones are meant for dialogues, not monologues.”

I’m still re-reading both books as each time I learn something new.

I look forward to expanding my social media knowledge and reaching 200 likes.


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