My Lebanese Kitchen’s Step into Spring Classes

My Lebanese Kitchen is very excited to launch its up and coming Spring classes. Each class offers a complete, well balanced and delicious menu, as well as creating individual dishes that would complement most tables.

Love Chicken - learn to cook chicken in two different and delicious ways including the famous Lebanese chicken and rice dish topped with golden almonds.

Arabian Delights - we will create four decadent Lebanese sweets.

Sensational Spring Salads - fresh and colourful salads influenced from around the world.

Lebanese Banquet – an absolute feast for the senses.

Family Favourites – an enticing array of some family favourites including baba ghanouj (smoked eggplant dip). Perfect for vegetarian

The Essential Lebanese Cuisine - Lebanon’s most popular dishes including two national dishes.

Summer BBQ, Lebanese Style - This menu is all about BBQ -Lebanese style.

Gluten and dairy free options available


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