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BBQ, Lebanese Style


This menu is all about BBQ - Lebanese style using a wonderful selection of fresh produce packed with flavour and leaving you wanting more.

Lahem Mishwi tender marinated lamb skewers

Djaj Mishwi  marinated chicken skewers, yummy!

Kafta a delicious well balanced Lebanese style burger

Tabouleh a beautiful fresh and traditional Lebanese salad bursting with flavour and wonderful texture 

Toum delicious Lebanese garlic paste

Hummus authentic Lebanese chickpea dip, made by you with love you will taste the difference 

Tangy Homemade Lemonade infused with mint and lemon

Finishing with Lebanese coffee, fresh mint tea and a Lebanese treat

Sunday 13th October, 11am to 2pm       

Price $125.00      Sold Out

Lebanese Street Food


Cooking Made fun - This class is all about family and friends having fun while creating delicious Lebanese street food wraps.

Lamb Shawarma marinated spring leg of lamb, slow cooked, melts in your mouth, wonderful on it's own and ideal pulled apart, wrapped in fresh Lebanese bread drizzled with the delicious yogurt dip

Falafel chickpeas and fava beans have never tasted so good, great as wrap or served with tabouleh

Tabouleh one of Lebanon's national dishes and for a good reason 

Tarator a delicious creamy tahini sauce and dip

Yoghurt Cucumber Dip, the perfect accompaniment to lamb

Hummus  family recipe pasted down from generation to generation made with love you will taste the difference Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! and it goes with everything! 

Toot a wonderful mulberry lemonade infused with lemon and mint

Finishing with Lebanese coffee, fresh mint tea and a Lebanese treat

​Saturday 26th October, 11am to 2pm       

Price $125.00      Sold Out

A Lebanese Banquet to Impress


This menu is an introduction to the exotic flavours of Lebanese cuisine, an absolute feast for the senses: taste, smell and colours.

Samke Hara baked pink fish topped with a spicy walnut, mint, parsley and coriander mix

Djaj ma Rouz Lebanese chicken risotto decorated with almonds and cinnamon

Arnabeet ma Tahini baked cauliflower with tarator

Tarator smooth delicious creamy tahini sauce

Tabouleh a beautiful traditional Lebanese salad

Heam's Ismailieh a delicious Lebanese style panna cotto topped with golden shredded pastry and served with 

Attar - Rose Syrup 

Homemade Pink Lemonade 

Finishing with Lebanese coffee, fresh mint tea and a Lebanese treat

​Saturday 16th November, 11am to 2pm       

Price $125.00      4 Places Available

Lebanese Vegan Dishes That Go WOW

In this class we create sensational Lebanese Vegan – Vegetarian dishes that leave you wanting more! 

Bernadette’s Tofu Hara, golden tofu topped with creamy tahini sauce and spicy walnut and herb mix, my Lebanese take on tofu and it’s amazing!

Bernadette's Falafel light and delicious, chickpeas and fava beans have never tasted so good 

Tarator a delicious creamy tahini sauce perfect with falafel Yummy!

Mjadra the most delicious lentil, rice and caramelised onion dish, I love this dish and make it nearly every second week

Chickpea Salad with cherry tomatoes, mint, and pomegranate bursting with flavour

Dessert – Bernadette’s Coconut Ismailieh a Lebanese style panna cotta topped with golden crispy shredded pastry and coconut, served with Coconut Attar, a delicious coconut syrup

Homemade Lemonade fresh and tangy infused with mint and rosewater

​Saturday 30th November, 11am to 2pm     


Price $125.00       5 Places Available

A Lebanese Feast


This menu is all about creating the prefect 'Lebanese Feast'  from start  to finish with a focus on fresh delicious produce, the perfect menu for all occasions 

Snapper Fillets cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside

Tarator rich creamy tahini dip perfect with snapper

Exoctic Halloumi Salad with a balance of the best seasonal fruit and delicious pomegranate dressing

Roast Beetroot Dip rich and delicious 

Batata Hara chilli garlic potatoes finished with fresh coriander

Heam’s Ismailieh the best Lebanese Panna Cotta topped with crispy shredded pastry and pistachios and served with 

Attar a fragrant rose syrup

Toot – Mulberry Lemonade infused with mint and lemon

Finishing with Lebanese coffee and exotic fresh mint tea with a hint of rosewater

Saturday 7th December, 11am to 2pm     


Price $125.00        4 Places Available

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Lebanese Cooking with Bernadette Cheet 

I thoroughly enjoy my classes with Bernadette.  This is my third class of Lebanese cooking with her.  Her methods are simple and easy to follow home cooked meals.  Bernadette conducts them in her beautiful home.  We also learn Lebanese culture and customs and enjoy the company and conversations of the other participants. 

The best is left to last – as we get to taste everything that we cooked  -   so delicious!!! 


Majuree Stevenson


Please Note

Menu may vary due to seasonal produce.

Some dishes may be repeated in other classes as they are staple items in Lebanese cuisine.

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