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Love Chicken - Learn to cook chicken in two different and delicious ways including the famous Lebanese chicken and rice dish topped with golden almonds. Lebanese Banquet - Number 2 - This menu is also all about creating the prefect 'Lebanese Banquet' for a dinner party to impress family and friends, with the focus on allowing you to be the host and not the cook. Street Food - Lebanese Style - This class is all about having fun while preparing delicious and wholesome Lebanese wraps. Lebanese Comfort Food - Lebanese casseroles and soups the perfect comfort food for cold winter days. A Lebanese Feast - A wonderful selection of fresh produce packed with flavour and leaving you wanting more. A Tr

Great Food Lots of Fun, the perfect combination!

Come join me on Saturday 25th March and learn to create amazing Lebanese food in a relaxed environment while having fun. On The Menu Snapper Fillets cooked to perfection, crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside Tarator a rich creamy tahini dip perfect with snapper Exoctic Halloumi, Pomegranate and Pear/Peach Salad Hummus, chickpea dip and to take it to another level we will finish the hummus off with toasted pine nuts and spicy lamb Batata Hara, hot and spicy potatoes finished with coriander Heam’s Ismailieh a Lebanese style panna cotta topped with crispy shredded pastry and pistachios Fragrant Rose Syrup to complement the Ismailieh Mulberry Lemonade infused with lemon and mint Class:

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