Mulberry Lemonade

How to Make Mulberry Lemonade Ingredients ½ cups Mulberry Syrup 1 litre water 1 lemon sliced into circles 5 steams of fresh mint 1 cup of ice Wash lemon and mint well before using Method Place the mulberry syrup in a jug, add water and stir well, then add the lemon slices and mint. Allow the lemonade to rest for at least one hour in the fridge this allows the flavours of the lemon and mint to infuse with the mulberry lemonade. Add ice when read to serve.

Cobury Library 'Lebanese Feast' Cooking Class

This September in conjunction with the Coburg Traders Association I will be holding a demonstration cooking class at the Coburg Library titled ‘Lebanese Feast’. I'm so excited for the opportunity to participate in this event and share my passion for Lebanese cuisine. For full details click on the below link.

Learn to Create Amazing Lebanese Dishes this Winter

These hands on classes are designed to enhance your cooking experience and excite your senses with their aromas, unique flavours and earthy colours. Each menu is designed not only for their wonderful flavours and beautiful fresh produce but with our busy lifestyle in mind. Most ingredients can be sourced at your local shops and don't require hours to prepare. Let’s Start Cooking! Wraps, Lebanese Fast Food, Delicious and Wholesome This class is all about having fun while preparing delicious and wholesome Lebanese wraps. Date: Saturday 16th July Time: 11am to 2pm A Feast for the Senses A wonderful selection of fresh produce packed with flavour and leaving you wanting more. Date: Saturday 30th

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