I feel so privileged to be in Lebanon experiencing the aroma, unique flavours and earthy colours of Lebanese food while learning new and exciting recipes to share with you. For updates on my food journey around Lebanon visit My Lebanese Kitchen Facebook page.

My Lebanese Kitchen's Autumn Winter Classes Are Here!

A Lebanese Banquet to Impress This menu is all about creating the prefect 'Lebanese Banquet' for a dinner party to impress family and friends, with the focus on allowing you to be the host and not the cook. Saturday 21st May, 11am to 2pm Winter Warmer Warming Casseroles and Soups, Lebanese Style, the perfect comfort food for cold nights. Satruday 4th June, 11am to 2pm Family Favourites This menu includes an enticing array of some family favourites that will compliment any menu. Saturday 18th June, 11am to 2pm Wraps, Lebanese Fast Food Delicious and Wholesome - This class is all about having fun while preparing delicious and wholesome Lebanese wraps. Saturday 16th July, 11am to 2pm Let’s Star

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