Lebanese Banquet Class - Food Fit For a Queen

I had the privilege of being a guest chef for the LG Kitchen last Sunday. We had so much fun preparing, cooking and eating five divine Lebanese dishes, a feast to impress, followed by dessert, tea and coffee. Thank you to the 12 participants for their enthusiasm, questions and positive feedback, to Sue who was an amazing help and Kristyna who took the photos .

Winter Warmers - The perfect comfort food for cold nights

Warming Casseroles and Soups, Lebanese Style I designed this class for Melbourne winters, offering delicious well balanced comfort food that the whole family will enjoy, using ready available produces and spending minimum time in the kitchen. In the ‘Winter Warmers’ class we will prepare, cook and enjoy eating: Chicken Bazella (chicken and pea casserole with a light well balanced flavour) Kafta Casserole (delicious Lebanese meat ball and vegetable casserole in a tomato base) Bernadette's Lentil Soup (with the wonderful flavours of caramelised onions and red capsicum – a real winter warmer) Lebanese Rice (the wonderful flavour of golden vermicelli)

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