Tabouleh - The Perfect Summer Salad

Tabouleh is one of Lebanon’s national dishes and for very good reasons, it is delicious! Made well its balanced flavours of fresh herbs delicately sliced, making them light and fluffy, complemented with diced fresh seasonal tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers and spring onions, with the crunch of burghul and a lovely tangy dressing makes this salad ideal for summer barbeques. Tabouleh Ingredients 5 cups flat leaf parsley stalks removed and chopped finely (1½ large bunches) 1 cup mint leaves chopped finely 3 medium tomatoes diced 1 Lebanese cucumber diced (1 cup) 5 spring onions chopped finely (1cup) 1/3 cup of fine brown burghul washed - OPTIONAL Wash ingredients well before chopping and dicing; p

My Lebanese Kitchen's Holiday Time Table

As we all get ready for the holiday and festive season, which is just around the corner, My Lebanese Kitchen, cooking school Melbourne will be holding its last public cooking class for the year on Thursday 27th November - ‘Delicious Fish’. We will be publishing the 2015 summer inspired classes in early to mid December. Private and Corporate classes are available on request throughout the summer holiday. Happy Holidays. #photo

Private Function - Lebanese BBQ Class

So much fun was had in creating five very delicious Lebanese dishes, by Elwood and St Kilda Parish’s, and then of course the enjoyment of eating them. On the menu: Lahem Mishwi - marinated lamb skewers Djaj Mishwi - marinated chicken skewers Hummus - chickpea dip Toum - Lebanese garlic paste Tabouleh - traditional Lebanese salad Mezze – pickled turnips, Lebanese olives and za’atar in virgin olive oil We finished lunch with some fresh mint tea, Lebanese coffee and for dessert Heam’s Ismailieh, a Lebanese style Panna Cotta topped with crispy shredded pastry, served with rose syrup and strawberries on the side. I would like to give a big thank to everyone who came and for supporting ‘My Lebanes

"My Lebanese Kitchen" is celebrating its first '100 Likes' on Facebook

Today “My Lebanese Kitchen” reached ‘100 Likes’ on Facebook and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. A big THANK YOU to everyone who liked My Lebanese Kitchens page. I am new to social media and it’s very long and wide global arms. I still have a long way to go in understanding the basics, let alone blogs and articles. At the beginning, trying to become familiar with and service three social media forums was so daunting, at times overwhelming. So I took a step back, deciding to work on one forum at a time starting with Facebook, and then progressing to Instagram, followed by setting up My Lebanese Kitchens Blog. Each day it gets easier and more enjoyable. Also in my quest to understand soci

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