Do you love to cook and want to learn the secrets to exquisite Lebanese -Middle Eastern cuisine? 

Come join me in my Lebanese Cooking Classes Melbourne and learn to create amazing  Lebanese - Middle Eastern dishes in a relaxed environment while having fun.

One of the secrets to exquisite Lebanese - Middle Eastern cuisine is its simplicity, how five ingredients can create flavour impacted and delicious dishes.

Only 3 Classes Remaining for 2019

A Lebanese Banquet to Impress, this menu is an introduction to the exotic

flavours of Lebanese cuisine, an absolute feast for the senses: taste, smell and colours.

Lebanese Vegan Dishes that go WOW in this class we create sensational Lebanese Vegan - Vegetarian dishes that leave you wanting more! 

A Lebanese Feast this menu is all about creating the prefect 'Lebanese Feast' from start to finish with a focus on fresh delicious produce.

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Great Food, Lots of Fun, the Perfect Combination,

Let’s Start Cooking!


My Lebanese Kitchen 'Gift Vouchers' are the perfect gift for all special  occasions from birthdays to anniversaries, or as a thank you. 

The cooking classes are hands on and fun. I believe you get the most out of a class when you fully participate in the preparation, the cooking and presentation of each dish. 


As a group, we will taste and enjoy each other’s dishes, talk about them and make adjustments and suggestions depending on personal taste. By tasting each other’s dishes, including mine, you will start to understand and appreciate the balance of flavours and the texture that gives each dish its special signature.


You have plenty of time to make and enjoy eating the dishes while I guide and instruct you and answer questions.


By the end of class you will have prepared several dishes and will have the confidence to impress your family and friends by recreating them at home.


The highlight is at the end of the class when we get to relax and enjoy the dishes we have prepared followed by Lebanese sweets, coffee and fresh mint tea.

Saturday 16th November


This authentic Lebanese recipe for Hummus has been handed down from generation to generation. Freshly made by you with quality ingredients and love, you will taste the difference. 


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Hey Bernadette 😊

David here, I did your class at the South Melbourne market last weekend.

Really enjoyed it and the food was delicious!!!

I made the Falafals and Tarator today, as I said at the class, first bite and I knew this was the falafals I remember from back in the 70’s! My wife and I often order falafals and rarely, unfortunately, do we find any that are as excellent as your recipe (almost never!)....

Anyway, my wife is ecstatic, falafals are her favourite ever food! I took a photo of her in 7th heaven, but she wouldn’t let me send it to you.........

The tarator definitely makes the dish...so good!

Anyway thanks again for the class 😊

David Smith


Image by David

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